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Various Artists Music of Central Asia Vol. 9: In the Footsteps of Babur: Musical Encounters from the Lands of the Mughals SFW40528 2 CD
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Format2 Audio CD
LabelSmithsonian Folkways
Erschienen am22.06.2012


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In the month of Ramadan of the year 899 [June 1494] and in the twelfth year of my age, I became ruler in the country of Ferghana. Thus begins the remarkable autobiography of Zahiruddin Muhammad Babur, whose journey of conquest through Afghanistan and Hindustan—the northern part of the Indian Subcontinent—laid the foundation of the Mughal Empire.In a modern day encore of the Mughal artistic synthesis, five cosmopolitan-minded musicians from Central Asia, Afghanistan, Northern India, were brought together by the Aga Khan Music Initiative with the aim of merging their musical instruments and traditions to create new sounds. 9 Tracks, 63 Minutes, 44-page Booklet; DVD contains series introduction, 22-minute film, interactive glossary, and map.

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  • 1.Santur Solo - Dhrupad In Raga Vachaspati
  • 2.Raga Kirwani In Tintal
  • 3.Dhun - Misra Kirwani
  • 4.Zuhal´s Song
  • 5.Afghan Rubab - Alap In Raga Bhupali
  • 6.Jammu And Kashmir
  • 7.Bilak Uzuk (Bracelet)
  • 8.Ruboyat-I Vanj (Rubayat Of Vanj)
  • 9.Sayr-I Badakhshan (A Stroll In Badakhshan)
mehr CD 2
  • 1.Series introduction
  • 2.Film
  • 3.Glossary
  • 4.Map